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The dark face of marxism
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Che Guevara has plans to destabilize the United States, assassinate key public figures, and profit from the whole business. The young Lightning must do his best to pass on their dirty secrets and stop them...a difficult task in even more dangerous circumstances.
The young spy continues his dangerous mission...
It's 1961 and the youthful master spy Julio Antonio del Mármol continues his dance with the sinister Cuban G-2, avoiding the traps laid by their head, Manuel Piñeiro, who doubts the Commandantico's loyalty to the revolution.  
"Fighting oppression, injustice and evil each day; delivering the innocent from the Marxist regime."
All the while, he continues to penetrate the puzzling maze of duplicate men, eventually coming face-to-face with the original Lee Harvey Oswald!

In the Dark Face of Marxism go inside and become a witness through The Lightning's eyes as he was an active participant in these events that shaped the destiny of two countries.  Watch as he tries to retrieve what he believed to be important documents for his friends inside the intelligence community.  

You will be able to draw your own conclusions as to the importance of what is laid out here, and put the facts together.  It wasn't until Dr. del Mármol's friends inside the intelligence community reviewed the documents was the sheer magnitude of what the Lightning had accomplished become known.  In this one act, Dr. del Mármol exposes what really lies behind the dark face of Marxism.
"We will cut off the head of the serpent with perhaps only two or three bullets.  We will collapse the Mecca of the capitalist system and bring them to their knees, leading to the new era in which our SOCIALIST revolutions take over." 
- Che Guevara
meet the man behind the bookS
Dr. Julio Antonio del Mármol
Dr. del Mármol became the youngest commander in the Cuban Revolution at the age of 12. In this position, he was a part of Fidel's inner circle, and saw firsthand the plans that the Castro's and "Che" Guevara himself, had for the island of Cuba. 

By 13, he had become a spy in Castro’s regime, taking secrets from Fidel’s personal office, and providing that intel to the freedom fighters of the world. He remained undetected for the next ten years. 

When his cover was blown in 1971, he was forced to flee the island and has carried on his fight for freedom on a global scale as an international spy. He became the most-hunted spy in all of Cuba, code-named by Castro himself as "The Lightning."

"As a member of the intelligence community for most of my life, I can assure you without any doubt that the way Dr. del Mármol describes in this book is exactly how the events unfolded." 
- "O'Brien"
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"A great read!"
Review By Amazon Customer
This book is very timely in light of all that's going on In Cuba right now… The relationship between Cuba and the United States seems to be Thawing a bit. This book will change your opinion on that topic no doubt. A great read!!
Review By Dr. Roehl de Leon, DC
Fascinating and engrossing accounts of Dr. Julio Antonio Del Marmol's memoirs redefines not only the historical aspect of Cuban/US relations, but also sheds some light into the inner workings of governmental intelligence services. Presented with factual documentations and photographs makes the book even more compelling on how one views historical events, past, present and future.

There are many twists and turns, and ultimately some massive, ghastly losses if you recall your history, or you'll be shocked to discover what really happens! There's comedy, romance, and of course action, intrigue and good-ole espionage! This historical, geopolitical, nail-biter is a must to see what happens next!

Brett Gillilan

Wow! Its been so long, old school Clancy I think, since I really read a book about the Cold War that kept me gripped to the page. The pictures and documents along side the story did a great job of putting you in his shoes. A must read if you like spies, the Cold War, or political thrillers!!!!

Robert Lukowiak

"I love stories based on true events. These books definitely have to be on my shelf! I'm sucked into what I'm reading right now and I'm only in the first chapter! He seems like quite the man to know! Meeting (Dr. del Mármol) will be on my bucket list."

Brianna Pavlas
the dark face of marxism •
A quick look inside •
Dr. Julio Antonio del Mármol is able to discover not only Che’s deepest, darkest plans to spread Marxist ideology throughout the world, but also Guevara’s real identity as a special agent for the Soviet KGB.
Look through the eyes of a Master Spy as shocking events unfold:
  • The secret treaty between the USSR and the Cuban government to keep Cuba supplied with modern weapons.
  • "Julio Antonio Mármol! How could you bring this here, to your own house?  It would sentence not just you but all of us to death!"
  • "the assassination planswith the schematics that we already have of international leaders, including the North American Presidential candidates, Senator John F. Kennedy and Vice President Richard M. Nixon; and no longer in the planning stages, but actually in process."
La Coubre - The Deadly Bloodbath
Page 10. "US Presidential candidates running that year were among the other heads of state with detailed plans in miniature as to how the assassinations would be carried out."
Page 18. "This was an international camp of assassins, some there for money, some for ideology, but their purpose was the same"
Page 115. "The MQ-1 was created by Fidel as a special elite unit of assassins to operate all over the world, tracking down Cuban dissidents on foreign soil and executing them in ways that look like an accident, so that no international incident is created."
Che Guevara has plans to destabilize the United States, assassinate key public figures, and profit from the whole business. The young Lightning must do his best to pass on their dirty secrets and stop them...a difficult task in even more dangerous circumstances.
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